Be Sure to Maintain Your RV’s Chassis

Maintain Your RV’s Chassis to Save Money and Hassle

Here are some maintenance steps that every RV owner should practice to help provide better care for their chassis:

Change air filters about every two years.
Take extra fuel filters and belts with you.
If you have a diesel motor home, a jug of DEF fluid will be handy.
Use an antifungal in the diesel tank if the RV is sitting without running over a year.
Check the air pressure in your tires every time before you drive. It is best to weigh the RV first and then put in the recommended air pressure according to the owner’s manual.
Both gas and diesel chassis need oil change and lubrication on both front and rear fittings.
After getting work done on your RV, look it over, if possible, to ensure repairs and maintenance were done properly.


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