Packing Tips for a Road Trip

When you’ve got an entire motorhome for a suitcase, the impulse can be to bring along everything. Lighten your load (and increase your gas mileage) by keeping these tips in mind:
When it comes to clothes, less is more. You don’t need every pair of designer jeans in your wardrobe, nor scores of socks. One perk of having your own wheels is that a fresh set of clothes is as close as the nearest coin laundry.
Stick to 1 bag per person. The 1-suitcase rule is ace for preventing over packing. Avoid bulky hard-case suitcases if possible; opt instead for soft duffel bags and backpacks, which can be more easily squeezed into limited trunk space.
Keep the essentials within reach. A sturdy canvas bag kept within easy reach of the front seat and stocked with items such as road maps, games for the kids kept in plastic baggies, a first-aid kit, sunglasses, handiwipes and a pocket knife will make dealing with surprises on the road easier.

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